Fear Free!

"Fear Free"....fear-free veterinary visits...our facility is making small but significant changes to how we provide comfort and support during your pets veterinary service experience; hopefully helping to reduce your pet's anxieties while visiting with us. Listed below are some simple steps you can do as a pet owner to help ease this sometimes stressful outing for your favorite furry friend.

Do not feed your pet right before your appointment, this allows our staff to offer rewarding treats to your pet who will enjoy positive reinforcement.

Use pheromones to help relax your pet by using products such as Feliway or Adaptil sprays both of which we already use, strategically placed in our exam rooms to create an environment of calm.

Bring your pet into the clinic anytime, a visit without medical need, just a quick hello from us to you ... as we would love to share a treat with your bestie!

Avoid exam room jitters - let us know that your pet prefers to wait outside until the veterinarian is available; sometimes just walking around our lovely property can help put your pet at ease.

Pet carrier concerns - take out your pet carrier several days prior to your pets appointment or even leave it out all the time as a place of refuge and quiet safety that your cat or small dog recognizes as a favorite refuge.

Travel time - while transporting your pet to our office: keep the radio off, air conditioning on, and cover carriers to minimize stressors of sights and sounds that may cause undue aggitation.

Discuss what works! Communicate with us, ask us about these options and more with our staff. Each pet is unique and we want to embrace and reassure your pet to share fear free visits for life! See you soon at your next visit.

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